TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance and the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies Hold a Workshop in Quality Management


The current partnership between Emirates Classification Society “TASNEEF” and the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies is considered an embodiment of Arab cooperation; through this strategic partnership, the two countries are striving to activate joint Arab action and reach desired strategic objectives to strengthen all sectors in the Arab region in order to ensure taking advantages of opportunities for sustainability, free it from dependency constrains and transform it into a sector capable of competing on global scale, all the way into becoming a key player in the international arena in business assurance, training, transfer of knowledge and exchange of expertise. 

Emirates Classification Society “TASNEEF” in collaboration with the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies held a workshop in Jordan in the presence of Mr. Khalfan Saeed Al Saadi, GM of TASNEEF-RINA Business assurance, a subsidiary of Emirates Classification Society “TASNEEF”, Engineer Omar Abu Omar, COO at TASNEEF, and Mr. Elio Calidori, SVP - Technical at TASNEEF-RINA Business assurance. This workshop talked about the services offered by the society in the field of maritime classification and business assurance services in all sectors. In this workshop Mr. Khalfan Saeed Al Saadi gave an introduction about the quality management system and the new system (ISO 9001:2015); while Engineer Omar Abu Omar highlighted the activities and services of Emirates Classification Society and its partnership with the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies and ways to strengthen this partnership between the two parties in order to promote development opportunities in the business assurance sector in the two countries.

Mr. Khalfan Saeed Al Saadi, GM of TASNEEF-RINA Business assurance said “we are delighted to hold this workshop in collaboration with the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies, and we look forward to more collaboration and joint action in the future in order to develop and consolidate partnership principles between us hoping for this collaboration to be a model and a start for a bigger collaboration between Emirates Classification Society and authorities working in the sectors of quality, health and safety, the environment and energy, railroads, in addition to transportation, space, food and agriculture, health care, governance, oil and gas, and ship-building for the benefit of the economy of Arab countries, and establish a sustainable economy capable of facing  future economic challenges”. During the workshop, Mr. Al Saadi highlighted the amendments in the quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and the transition to this new system. 

Engineer Omar Abu Omar, COO at TASNEEF, during the workshop talked about the services TASNEEF provides and the significance the society acquired as the only Arab classification society which is gaining importance due to its geographical location mediating the continents of the world allowing it to become an international destination for governments, companies or ship-owners looking for business assurance services. During the presentation Abu Omar talked about the significance of the Arab region in terms of business assurance where the world’s most important marine straits are located, making it a key and central navigational channel for all counties around the world ultimately strengthening the region’s role in the acquisition of a substantial share of the business assurance market.

Abu Omar said “we at TASNEEF through this workshop with our partners in the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies, are seeking to open new horizons for collaboration and promoting joint activities reaching an integrated, active, strategic partnership capable of drawing a clear picture for the future of business assurance in the Arab region”. Abu Omar added “since the 90’s, the Arab league has been keen on establishing an Arab classification society but, the high costs of such a project stood in the way of turning this dream into a reality, today after the UAE took the initiative to achieve this Arab dream, the success opportunities for TASNEEF in delivering business assurance services in accordance with international standards while having a competitive edge will consolidate the society’s position regionally and internationally. As part of our move to develop development outputs in this sector, this workshop comes to confirm our determination to walk in the direction of achieving joint Arab strategic objectives”

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