Environmental Energy Product Certification

Environmental certification ECOBLU

ECOBLU certification is the first management tool able to offer a systematic approach to environmental issues for beach resorts, diving centers, sports associations, etc.

End of waste management

The obligatory certification established by European Directive 2008/98/EC requires the conformity of the management systems for the correct treatment of those materials that cease to be considered waste to be verified by an Independent Body.

Carbon footprint verification

A carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gas emissions of a product or service. The standards in which auditing activities refer to are:

EU Timber Regulation 995/2010

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance performs third-party audits in conformity with the due diligence system proposed by Conlegno (Wood-Cork Services Consortium), recognized by the European Commission as Monitoring Organization. The EU Timber Regulation no.

EU Enviromental Technology Verification(ETV)

EU ETV Programme (Environmental Technology Verification) is a Third Party Verification, on a voluntary basis, intended to facilitate greater environmental technology innovation and uptake by end users by providing independently validated and credible performance data.

Certification of biofuel and bioliquid sustainability

The Certificate of Compliance of biofuel and bioliquid sustainability guarantees the reliability of the information which organizations belonging to the biofuel and bioliquid production chain are required to provide to prove they fulfil the sustainability criteria as well as supplying information

PEFC-CoC certification (Programme of Endorsement of Forest Certification- Chain of Custody)

The PEFC – COC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification – Chain of Custody) voluntary certification sets out to guarantee the traceability of material from forests managed in a sustainable way according to PEFC standards, thus guaranteeing the origin of forestry material.

Forest Stewardship Council® - Chain of Custody (FSC® CoC) certification

The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®), requires the traceability of products of forest origin and of projects connected with their use to be certified.

Validation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD/LCA)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) informs a company's customers about the impacts which its product or service generates on the environment, thus proving the company's commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Certification of Photovoltaic Panels

The Solar Modules can provide high-efficient stable green electric energy for global photovoltaic grid power systems. Advanced photovoltaic technology and strict production standard ensure 12.7% high-efficient outputs.


Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance (TRBA) is an International Certification Body.


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