Anti-Bribery Management System ISO 37001

One of the key factors of an Organisation's reputation is its capacity to go about its business in a loyal, correct, transparent, honest manner, a

Inspections and testing in the railway sector

As Inspection Company, TASNEEF Business Assurance performs: Mandatory conformity verification of serial production to the approved type vehicle - issuing of the SD Module for the Italian NSA (ANSF) Second part inspection and due diligence audits, during construction, on rolling stock production plants Technical and financial support to analysis of the causes behind some specific problem, detected during the operational life of a line or a vehicles fleet.

Welding Certification (EN 15085)

Welding in railway vehicle manufacturing is an important process regarding to safety in public transport. Welding manufacturers, which carry out welding work on railway vehicles, components and sub-assemblies, shall be certified according to this standard, if specified by clients, contracts or tenders. 

Gas and liquid piping crossing railways

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance performs pipe weld control activities (VT and RT) and certifies the validity of the relevant documentation This certification complies with Italian Ministerial Decree 2445 of 23/02/1971, as amended, up to MD 199 of 25/08/20

Functional and safety assessments as ISA

Functional and safety assessments on international norms are performed by TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance as ISA (Independent Safety Assessor), under accreditation by ACCREDIA for certification of products according to UNI CEI EN 45011:1999 and for type A inspection on railway subsystems and thei

Conformity verification

On the European market, TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance performs conformity verification according to the Interoperability Directive EC/2008/57 and the TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) for high-speed and conventional rail systems, and a

Certification of the Maintenance System of entities in charge of maintenance according to EU Regulation (n° 445/2011)

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance provides third part certification for organizations and workshops in the field of Rolling Stock Maintenance, according to Italian and European rules.

Railway quality management systems

The aim of IRIS is to develop and implement a common and globally recognized Quality Management System for the evaluation of companies supplying to the railway industry.

According to EU Regulation n° 445/2011

In the European rail market, TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance performs: Third part conformity verification, according to the Interoperability Directive EC/2008/57 and to the TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability), for all the subsystems and their relevant components. Safety assessment service, according to Italian and international national norms, as ISA (Independent Safety Assessor) under ACCREDIA accreditation according to UNI CEI EN 45011:1999 and UNI CEI EN 17020:2005. Certification of organizations and workshops, in the field of Rolling Stock Maintenance, according to European Regulation 445/2011 addressed to the ECM (Entities in Charge of Maintenance), as well as rolling stock maintenance plans according to Italian national rules.

Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance (TRBA) is an International Certification Body.


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