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You are welcome to TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance (TRBA) Knowledge Center. In here, you can find introductory sections to introduce Standards and Certification.

Utilizing standards can offer an arrangement of intense business and showcasing tools for the various organizations. They can be used to calibrate the performance, procedures and reduce the risks of regulare operating exercises and helps functioning in a more proficient, efficient,  and maintainable ways. The Standards will allow you to demonstrate the best quality the customer can have; and they help to embed best practice into the organization.

Standards can boost up the performance of the organization as they provide the needed knowledge to operate at the most efficient ways and helps in improving the quality of your products by utilizing your assets on all levels while maintaining minimal costs. Additionally, standards are capable of increasing the resiliency of your systems and reduce the business risk. By following the standards the hazards on the environment are maintained at reduced level  and safety of employees and their surroundings is on the contrary kept high.

Standards can be defined as documents that describes all the requirements, conditions, guidelines and best practices for achieving the purpose of the processes, products, and services and ensure that they fit in the best way possible. These standards are made by experts in the fields and can be represented in a group of simple definitions or sometimes can be excessively detailed instructions for how to do a particular task.

Standards are used by everyone that is interested into doing things well; this includes small business, large and multinational organizations, governments and even individuals.

For small business organizations, standards are good in essence that they enable them to work efficiently and gives them a boost over their competitions; however, for large organizations, standards are important in the sense of utilizing all the assets the organization has and operating at the best way possible. On a government level, standards are essential as they control formulating the processes and legislations. For consumer (individuals) standards are made to ensure the ease of usage, the better quality, and maximum safety. Consumers also, help in shaping the future standards based on the feedback and the circumstances of the consumers as in the cases of disabilities for instance.
Popular standards: below are examples of the most commonly used standards world wide. 

  • ISO 9000 - Quality management: This standards family ensures the better quality for products and services
  • ISO 14000 - Environmental management: This standards is focused enhancing the environmental performance for operations and processes
  • ISO 26000 - Social responsibility: This standard enables the organization to operate with higher social responsibility

Certification is a written assurance that the product, service or system meets specific requirements and it increases the credibility of the organization as this certificate means that the standards concerned are followed and the processes, services, and systems are to assure the best.

Certification is normally, awarded by certification bodies whom are already accredited and recognized by standardization bodies. The certificates, can be awarded to organizations, products, and individuals as well.

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TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance (TRBA) is an International Certification Body.


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