Vision, Mission and Values

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Generate enriched value to stakeholders to aggrandize the Quality of life.


Deliver independent assurance and process optimization by professional competence.


  • Assurance: to the stakeholders that the organization is operating in accordance with; governance, competence, risk and control to optimize competitive approach by fulfilling all social responsibilities.
  • Objectivity: commitment to integrity, transparency, impartiality and accountability to the stakeholders by providing services as an independent source of objective support.
  • Insight: to improve controls, processes, performance and increasing competitiveness of stakeholders, enhancing safety and protection of environment to preserve for succeeding generations
  • Innovation: cutting-edge, futuristic optimized solutions to the stakeholders to penetrate global market with reduced cost of operations
  • Responsibility: to the people providing sophisticated technical education and awareness. Shk Zayed: “The real asset of any advanced nation is its people”


  1. Fulfils the expectation of stakeholders by enhancing quality, safety and protection of environment through qualified competence.   
  2. Be self-sustainable organization to provide innovative optimized solution to stakeholders for the global competiveness.
  3. Provide returns to the society by high skilled job labour opportunities formation, and contribution to preserve resources for succeeding generation by research and innovation.


      1.1 Manage and add new accreditations for management system, product and personnel certification.
      1.2 Increase numbers of exclusive auditors/expertise and competence in all sectors
      1.3 Ability to provide in-house personnel training for qualification purposes.
      1.4 Add value to stakeholders by providing benchmarking, standardized frameworks and best practices.

      2.1 Optimize the cost of the organization and utilize the resources
      2.2 Increase revenue stream for sustainable cash flow
      2.3 Increase the resources retention and satisfaction ratio
      2.4 Enable innovation ability of the organization to provide optimization of stakeholders interest

      3.1 Provide technical and management trainings to the industry
      3.2 Increase job opportunities for the community and new generations
      3.3 Optimize workforces and propose methodologies for the stakeholders to preserve resources
      3.4 Support stakeholders to develop innovative solutions for their interests

Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF-RINA Business Assurance (TRBA) is an International Certification Body.


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